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Dear Friends and Family,

This summer, I am going to be cycling over 4,000 Miles from San Francisco to Washington DC to raise money and awareness for people with disabilities. I will be on one of three teams of 30 cyclists that make up the Journey of Hope. I have pledged to personally raise $8,000 and together the teams will raise over $500,000 for Push America. This money will be given to individual projects within Push America, as well as to external organizations that serve people with disabilities. Push America will use the money raised to improve the lives of people with disabilities by building accessible playgrounds for children with disabilities, improving accessibility in the homes of people who could otherwise not afford it, and by giving grants to organizations such as summer camps that serve people with disabilities.

As a team, our dedication does not stop with raising money and cycling. Along the way we will be stopping and personally giving a hand at organizations serving people with disabilities all over the United States. We will also advocate at schools and community centers by educating children and adults about the abilities of people with disabilities by putting on puppet shows, playing a round of wheelchair basketball, or hosting empathy dinners that use role-play to show guests what it is like to live with a disability.

To learn more about Push America, the Journey of Hope, and my personal history with them, please explore the links above, or keep reading to find the link to the next page. You can also contact me by email at . It is my hope that you will help me with my journey by making a donation today. You can find out how by going to the Donation page.

Even if you can’t personally make a donation, you could help a lot by showing this website to someone who might be able to. You can also find more ways to share by going to the Sharing page. Together we can change the world one life at a time.

Jeff Serbus

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