Baker, NV – 60 Miles

June 23, 2010

The ride today was pretty good. We had a few long uphills that almost made me want to give up, but I just kept going one foot over the other. It turns out that Baker is a town of less than 100 people, but we still managed to find free internet! We’re staying in another town hall, which means no showers on site. Today we headed to a truck-stop/motel for showers. I would guess that they had at most a 30 gallon heater though, because by the time I jumped in, the water was ice cold.

After we were all cleaned up, we headed out to Lehman caves for a quick tour. We ended our day with a nice dinner sponsored by the community, and a trip up the mountain for a bit of team bonding and stargazing. We’re all looking forward to getting to the next state, and to get to some bigger cities to spread our cause.

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