Austin, NV – 110 Miles

June 20, 2010

Today was our first century ride of the trip, and my first ever. I would say it was easier than the day we ended in Lake Tahoe, but much more uncomfortable for some reason. I think the pain from the other day helped to mask the discomfort of the small bike seat. After arriving in Austin, we headed to the city pool for showers, and back again to the town hall for lodging. We were treated with a thanksgiving style feast by a local group, and are now back hanging out in the town hall listening while different teammates take turns at the piano. We’re all pretty tired though, so I doubt we’ll be up much longer.

Good news everyone, I need to thank a lot of new sponsors today! Thank you Andy Wolf & Stacie Adams, Andy was a fellow Pi Kapp in Rolla. Thank you “Nintendo 64”, I guess this donor wanted to remain anonymous, but I did hear that there is a new Zelda game coming out. Thank you Amanda and Amber Donaldson, my (second?) cousins. And thank you Greta Elsbernd, my dear old friend from the days when I used to frequent Iowa State. If you haven’t donated yet, you still can, and if you have already, you can always donate again! Might I suggest throwing in 10 cents for each mile I rode today?

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