Toledo, OH – 50 Miles

August 3, 2010

After the last few days, today’s shorter ride was a pretty easy one. We arrived to a small crowd at the University of Toledo with two extra riders with us for the last few miles, the Mayor of Toledo, and the son of the Pi Kappa Phi area regional governor. We were greeted by many representatives of the University and the city, followed by lunch, and the presentation of a mural specifically created for our arrival. This year marks the 20 year reunion of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act, so a lot of our sponsors have had surprises like this throughout the summer.

After lunch, we broke off into three groups. My group went to play basketball with some campers from camp sunshine, a summer program for people with disabilities. I had a lot of fun with one of the campers working on my underhand three point shots. I think she made more than I did, but we did manage to throw at the same time and both make it in.

After basketball, we headed back to lodging to get showers and change out of our cycling gear. At this point, one of the other groups headed out to put on one of our puppet shows for a group of kids in the area.

We ended the day with steaks at the Outback Steakhouse, and massages at Stautzenberger College, a school for training future masseuses.

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