Ely, NV – 80 Miles

June 22, 2010

I started in a pretty decent sized group, but broke off with one other guy, John, at the first crew stop. Both of us like to roll through the crew stops pretty quickly, and get to our destination. We arrived, and had some time in the afternoon to take care of laundry, and just relax a little bit. In the evening, we were fed by the local high school student council, and turned it into an empathy dinner to help them learn about people with disabilities. This is where everyone is given some sort of disability, like a blindfold or taping their fingers together, etc. The cool thing about these meals is that you have to get to know the people around you really quickly because they are probably going to have to help you, or you are going to have to help them. We had a lot of fun, and all learned a lot. The sun is now going down, and the guys are playing a bit of volley-ball before bed. We’re sleeping in the gym they are playing in, so I guess I’ll stay up until the game is over!

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