Breckenridge, CO – 110 Miles

July 3, 2010

Today would have been a great ride, had there not been headwinds and crosswinds all day. We started with a very long climb up to rabbit ears pass, and the continental divide. We then had a lot of rolling hills, which would have went quick, but the wind kept us from keeping our momentum, so each hill became a very tough climb. We had lunch at about 70 miles, and by this point I was about ready to give up. Instead, I took a little extra time, had some extra fruit, and got back on the bike. After another 40 miles, we found ourselves at the foot of one of the steepest looking hills we’ve seen all summer. This was of course the hill leading up to lodging. I grudgingly made my way to the top to find myself at a cabin in a peaceful clearing. I was so exhausted, both physically and emotionally that I had to take a few minutes to take it all in, and appreciate just where I am, and what I am doing this summer.

We only had a few short minutes to get a cold shower, and head out to dinner with Bruce Rogers and his family. We had a full course meal at a restaurant in downtown Breckenridge, which made the perfect end to a not so perfect day. Tomorrow is a much needed day off, which means we can sleep in until 7am!

I also need to thank my newest sponsors, my cousin and her husband, Stacey and Jeremy Kincaid. If you want to help me change the lives of people with disabilities all over America, be sure to donate at

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