Wray, CO – 90 Miles

July 9, 2010

As I mentioned yesterday, the Elks club made us breakfast this morning, giving us much more food than we’re used to in the mornings. The ride today was 90 Miles, and I’m starting to feel a bit sore. I had my third flat tire of the trip, and have already gotten good at getting it changed out quickly. There was another 10 mile stretch of fresh tar, so we had to load up in the vans and drive over it. It didn’t make the day any easier though!

We had dinner at the Wray Rehabilitation and Activities Center, which was a potluck style from many volunteers. We had so much pasta that I think I ate enough carbs to power through the next week! We had planned to put on a puppet show, but for some reason none of the kids showed up. We did do a practice run though, and invited the staff of the activities center to watch.

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