Napa, CA – 75 Miles (Minus about 10)

June 13, 2010

Today was our first day on the road. We were supposed to ride 75 miles, but were interrupted by a traffic accident about 10 miles before our arrival. The police had already closed the road when we got there, so we were forced to rack up the bikes and drive the rest of the way into town. We started with the kickoff at the Golden Gate Bridge, where my parents came one last time to see us off. I also ran into an old friend Christian Santiago. He was my project manager in 2002 the last time I was on the Journey of Hope. It was great to see him, and be able to catch up a little bit.

The part that we rode was still pretty long, but with our supply of clif bars, and lunch on the way, I felt pretty energized all day. I hope I feel the same tomorrow. After a long ride, and a short drive, we ended at our lodging for tonight, a Best Western in Napa. With only a few minutes to spare, we showered as quickly as possible and headed out to our second friendship visit, with “Options 3”. They were celebrating the end of their baseball season, complete with handing out awards to all of the players. I was lucky enough to get to hand out the awards and shake their hands as they came up to collect them.

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