Breckenridge, CO – 0 Miles

July 4, 2010

Today was our day off, which meant we got to sleep in until 7am! Our first order of business was the Independence Day parade. We loaded our bikes onto the vans, and drove to downtown Breckenridge. The parade was too slow to ride in, so we were forced to walk our bikes, but after so many hours in the saddle yesterday, I was pretty happy about that decision. We all filled our pockets with candy to throw out to the kids along the way, but most of us ran out within the first few blocks. One guy accidentally threw his chapstick, and had to take it back from a little girl.

After the parade, we were given the afternoon off. A lot of guys headed back downtown to explore, but another guy, Trent and I decided to stay at the cabin to enjoy the surrounding nature. After a bit of bike cleaning and tube patching, Trent and I headed out on the hiking trails to see what we had around us. We found a few small streams, but didn’t go too far, because neither of us really wanted to have to walk back. We did find a sand bank that stretched across the middle of a nearby pond just under the surface of the water, so we walked out to the middle of it.

We ended the day with yet another dinner hosted by Bruce and Sally Rogers. We had unlimited lasagna and spaghetti and meatballs, and ended the meal with a trip to Cold Stone which I barely found room for.

On a final note, thank you Lindsay Larson for your second donation! Don’t forget everyone, you can donate at

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