Sacramento, CA – 70 Miles

June 14, 2010

Day two on the bike, we headed into Sacramento today, and had an arrival event on the steps of the capitol. The ride started with lots of climbing, and we had to work hard as a team to get over it. I have to say, these rides seem easier than some of the days I was training in Kansas. I’m not sure if it’s the clif bars, or lots of water stops, or the fact that I’ve got a lot of teammates to encourage me, and distract me from the pain of the road. Whatever it is, I’m glad it’s there, and am glad that I have the ability to make the rides every day.

After our arrival, we headed to the Southside Arts center, which offers a creative outlet to people with developmental disabilities in the area. There we heard a band whos members all had a disability playing great hits such as “Tainted Love”, and the Beastie Boys famous song “Girls”. We had a blast, and enjoyed the abundance of pizza provided for us by the local Arc. Over all it was a great day, and now I’m off to bed.

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