Duchesne, UT – 90 Miles

June 29, 2010

We started the day by riding 10 miles to breakfast at a local diner. The hunger made it the hardest 10 miles on the trip so far, but the hostess had made us breakfast burritos, which were incredible, and well worth the ride! I got to chatting with her, and picked out her accent as from Northern England, which was confirmed when she told me she was from Manchester. We spent a little time chatting about the UK, Germany, and all of the places her kids where living.

Today was also the day that my parents were driving through Utah on their way home from Oregon. We had lunch on the road, and they generously bought the team some extras like fruit, ice cream, and juice. Even the smallest differences in lunch make the day so much better!

When we got to Duchesne, we headed straight for Starvation Lake, one of the coldest lakes I’ve ever been in. Our sponsors there took a lot of guys out tubing, but some of us just wanted to relax, and use the cold water to relieve the pain in our legs and seats!

We showered at the lake, and had a bit of free time, so I headed off with my parents to a local café to get a root beer float, and catch up on the last few weeks.

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