Salt Lake City, UT – 80 Miles

June 26, 2010

Today’s ride was supposed to be 65 miles, but ended up being about 80 miles because we had to take a different route to avoid the interstate. No one knew along the way just how long it was going to be though, so it made the ride a bit tougher. I was betting on it being shorter than 80 miles, and was getting pretty worried as we neared that mark on our bike computers. Luckily we got there just as I was running out of energy for the day.

We had the perfect friendship visit once we got to town though, we headed to a water park with a group from the Lindon care center. The group we met with were mostly adults, and were very excited to show us around the park. We had a great time on the slides, wave pool, and lazy river. Towards the end of our visit we hit up the hot tub for a quick warm up before the cool Utah evening set in.

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