Coldwater, MI – 85 Miles

August 1, 2010

Today’s breakfast was a surprise to me, as it was made by the Butterbaugh family. Eric Butterbaugh was a cyclist in 2002 when I was a crew member. He wasn’t there, as he’s a teacher up in New York now, but it was nice chatting with his parents, and hearing what he’s up to. Today marked the first day of two in Michigan, and of two days of very active sponsors. We already had a great roadside snack today, as well as lunch and dinner. Before we were let off for the night, the vans needed a wash, and what better way to get in the mood than a little van karaoke. We threw on the disco classic “Car Wash”, and a few others before heading over there. Tonight we’re staying at the Eby Klein Youth Center, which is pretty much a gymnasium with a few offices attached. The Gym unfortunately is not air conditioned, but we’ve set up all the fans we could find, and are hoping to stay somewhat cool.

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