Denver – 0 Miles

July 7, 2010

We got to sleep in until 7:30 today! We started our day with the normal crew chief breakfast, which is a half a bagel, half a banana, and if you’re lucky a bit of cereal. Once fed, we headed off to the Paralyzed Veterans of America Wheelchair Games. There we saw people, all in wheelchairs, playing ping pong, pool, and what the called slalom, which was a wheelchair obstacle course. It was pretty interesting to see how different people have overcome their disabilities in different ways.

We had a bit of time for lunch on our own, but almost not enough time. I did find out that Denver actually has a small section of public transport that is free to use, which helped get us back to meet the team in time.

Our next stop was Craig Hospital, which specializes in back and neck injuries, and brain injuries. We met the Craig “Murderball”, or “Wheelchair Rugby”team, the Harlequins, and had the chance to play a few minutes with them. It was pretty difficult at first getting used to the wheelchairs, but most of us caught on fast, and a few of us even scored some goals. We then had a chance to tour the facility, and see exactly what makes Craig Hospital one of the leading rehabilitation facilities.

Our night ended at the Ballpark where we saw the Rockies vs. the Cardinals, thanks to TJ Sullivan, a well known Pi Kappa Phi alumn. I’m not really into baseball, but still managed to have a good time with the team.

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