Waukesha, WI – 101 Miles

July 25, 2010

We had a pretty tight schedule on the way into Waukesha, so a few of us pushed a little harder today to get to ride the whole way in. My group was one of them, and only had a few minutes to stop for lunch before carrying on. Somewhere in the last 15 miles I noticed that my front tire was going flat, but knew if I stopped to change it, I would have to rack up my bike. Instead I opted to pump it up a little bit at each stop. It wasn’t fully flat, but would slowly deflate to around 60 psi. (the maximum rating on the tire is 120 psi, but I like to keep it at about 105). We made it just in time to shower up and head out to another bowling adventure. We were meeting with the Spinal Bifida Association of Waukesha, and met our sponsor Kathy from Independence First in Milwaukee who will be with us for a total of three days. This time I actually got out on the lanes and showed everyone how bad I could bowl.

Our day ended at a Yacht Club in the area who had plans to take us out on the lake. Unfortunately due to all of the flooding in the area, we couldn’t go out. We did however have a great dinner, and stayed for a few lawn games before heading home for bed.

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