Steamboat Springs, CO – 40 Miles

July 2, 2010

Today’s ride was interrupted by a lightning storm along the way. We were all forced to pull of the road, and wait inside the vans for about an hour before we could go on. By this point, we had already ridden through the rain on wet roads, and were covered in mud spots from head to toe. We also had a few guest riders with us today, Bruce Rogers, the first guy to ride his bike across the USA for Push America, and Nancy, a friend of his. I should also mention that Bruce is the “R” in KRG, our main corporate sponsor, and Nancy is the wife of the “G”.

It was strange rolling into Steamboat Springs, because this was where Lolly and I spent our honeymoon! I saw a few things that reminded me of our time there, like the park we ate lunch in one day, and the tour of the many hot springs around the city. Once we got to Steamboat Springs, we had to bus over to one of the hot springs to shower, but didn’t get to go swimming unless we wanted to pay $15 to go in! Most of us just showered, and came back for a nap. We then had a friendship visit with another chapter of Horizons here in Steamboat. I actually recognized one of the ladies there, as she’s pretty memorable. She really likes to say “Hello Bikers”, and told a lot of us that we were pretty cute. I ran into my first German at this visit as well; one of the staff came from somewhere near Hamburg. She started talking to me in German, so I started answering back in German. I think she really enjoyed being able to talk to someone in her native tongue, which I can understand from my time in Bonn. It was great to know that I could still speak enough to hold up a conversation.

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