Carson City, NV – 35 Miles

June 18, 2010

Today started with a short steep uphill ride, but ended with a really fast decent into Nevada. I maxed out at 42 mph! I decided to ride with some faster guys today, because I knew it would be short, and I would be able to push it pretty hard. Today was the first day I really noticed how much a pace line really helps. We were holding about 24 mph on the flats, which took a lot of effort when I was in front, but was pretty easy to keep up in the back.

After a 35 mile today, we ended in Carson City at the Boys and Girls club. We had lunch with the kids, and got to put on one of our puppet shows to educate kids on a few disabilities, and gave them a chance to ask a lot of questions. I had a great time with my new friends Amy, Alayna, and Emma. The were really excited to show me some tricks they could do on the jungle gym, but we had to head out to lodging before they got the chance.

At lodging, we had a few guys come out to help us maintain our bikes. Mine was in great condition and only needed a bit of work on the front wheel. We ended the day with a dinner hosted by the local Rotary club. I found out there is a version of the Rotary club known as Rotaract, and had a great time getting to know some of its members who came up from Reno just to visit with us.

On a final note, don’t forget, I still want to raise more money for Push America. It is never to late to donate, and even if you’ve already gave, you can still give a little more! I want to thank my newest sponsor Zandra Myrick for her donation, and want to give a double thanks to Karen and David Bireta for donating for a second time!

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